Thursday, October 19, 2006

CRAFT Magazine.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of CRAFT magazine - and it's pretty awesome. Given, I also typed up most of this post, forgot about it for a couple months, and now the magazine is on shelves at every bookstore worth your time, so go read it.

CRAFT is by the same folks who gave us MAKE Magazine, and while MAKE still satisfies my tinkering compulsions more, CRAFT acknowledges my inherent need for some sort of non Martha artistic domesticity. My favourite project in this issue is the electric tank top - a tank top with programmable LED's. Other spiffy projects include an underwear wallet and an embroidered skateboard. Like MAKE, the best thing about CRAFT is that while it provides detailed instructions on how to recreate their projects, the ideas behind them are inherently interesting and novel enough to teach the ingenious crafter a bunch of easily adaptable ideas.

So, yes. CRAFT rocks. Check out their website for a bunch of craft related news and exclusive projects!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Estella is the bear that I created for the Morphe II show in Australia! It was put on by the very awesome Carly of Nest Studio who makes very charming stuffed toys with some of the most delectable fabric I've ever seen.

Estella is made from felted cashmere and really likes gelato.

Estella was sold at the show, but you can buy some of the other Morphe II toys at Carly's Morphe store!

In non-bear related news, here's are a couple picture of my most recent scenic design. It's for a show called The Cannibals. It was definitely a change from things like...making bears!

I always find it interesting to see art in other mediums from artists that are generally known for working with fabric. It is always fascinating to me to see how much or how little of their fabric sculpture aesthetic passes through.

heart cards!

I sent in 25 of my heart cards to the October Sampler!

If you're a lucky subscriber or fellow contributor, you might get one! Otherwise, you can just buy them from me.=)