Thursday, May 25, 2006

middle schoolers rock.

I just wanted to say that these middle school kids are so awesome.

On Wednesday morning, only my black outlines existed on that back wall. The kids filled in ALL the colour(and half of the work they did isn't even in these pictures - they painted a whole load of props too and did a bunch of touch up as well). One art class totalling about an hour and a half, four kids from orchestra that were sent in to help(they were great) and a core group of four girls that kept on getting permission from their teachers to come back and paint. And no one goofed off. They WORKED. Hell, I think they worked harder than most crews I've supervised or worked with.

I'm so completely exhausted with working with these kids who seem to have an endless supply of energy all day, but it is so worth it.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yorick and Hester

Finals week begins tomorrow. My oral examinations are tomorrow. Am I ready? Hell, I haven't finished reading the books I'm supposed to be quizzed on.

So, instead of dwelling on what I have yet to do, and most likely will not, and the impending possibility of NOT getting A's this semester and/or being told I shouldn't stay in grad school, I will post more pictures of bears.

The black one is Yorick, and the other is Hester. They were on display at my grad student exhibit - I felt a little silly having a bunch of stuffed animals in the same room as people who were turning out really awesome stuff.